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Voiceover Actor

eLearning/Narration Specialist



Throughout my career, I have developed knowledge and skills which I am proud to showcase through my professional VoiceOver services. Whatever your needs or requirements are, I’m sure I can help.


Clear Communication

I find it essential to thoroughly review all documents before recording. I will look for any errors or typos. I will ask clarifying questions. I will need help with names and initialisms, but you are paying for my research and experience. I will look up concepts and technical and medical pronunciations so you don't have to spend your time laying out for me how to pronounce cholecdochlithasis and other such things.


Technical Expertise

I have my own professional equipment and designated treated recording space. I will record and professionally edit the audio. I can synch with videos or slides, add background music and deliver in a variety of file types if needed. The final delivery will be ready to go.


Affordable All-inclusive

Because I work directly with clients and don't have to pay agency fees, my prices are below market rate. In general price is calculated by word count, with the price given based on cost per 100 words. My rate is flexible depending on the scope of the project. The price includes my time for review and editing in addition to recording. No surprise fees.


About ten years ago, after twenty+ years of theatrical and on-camera acting experience I found myself doing a small voiceover job, my first since 1995. It re-opened a path for me that I am so excited to now be pursuing full time. I have a lot of experience in the world of e-learning narration and consider it not just a talent but a passion. Every job I do, whether it’s familiar or new, brings me great joy. I love being able to collaborate and give you what you need to make your finished product a success.

"Think of successful creative collaborations as dreams with deadlines."

Warren G Bennis

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